Practical Projects

In two compulsory practical projects, in the first and third semesters, you closely work together with our partners from museums in the region of Berlin and the surrounding Brandenburg area.

Objectives with a focus on communications can include the development and evaluation of exhibition concepts as well as the use of various tools for imparting content and the use of communication strategies.

If you put your focus on management, you gain practical experience in organization, fundraising and controlling and in the evaluation of management tools.

A selection of past and ongoing projects:

2018/2019 | diversCITY - An Exhibition in the Youth Museum Schöneberg Berlin

Central to this practical project is the development of participatory content for the exhibition diversCityat the Youth Museum Schöneberg Berlin. The exhibition focusses on the topic of diversity in Berlin - especially referring to terms of gender, sexuality and personal origins. The exhibition will open on January 24th in 2019 and consists of three rooms. In a close cooperation with the Museum the students develop content for the third room.

Prof. Dr. Susan Kamel,

Prof. Dr. Tobias Nettke

2017/2018 | We! A World-Community?

In cooperation with the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Museum (FHXB) in Berlin the Students of the practical project developed the exhibition 'We! A World-Community?', which was on display at the FHXB from January 26th to February 15th in 2018.

What connects us as humans on this planet? Do we have a collective responsibility as a community? Do the systems in which we live in support a peaceful social existence? Do we need nations and borders?
Current political developments deliver very different answers to this questions. Some consider a policy of differentiation and enclosure as the solution. Others try to establish unity and solidarity.
The idea of cosmopolitism was used as the starting point for the development of this exhibition. It serves to examine various historical and contemporary ideas about the living together in social societies on the planet.

Prof. Dr. Susan Kamel

2016 | All included! Evaluation and conception of participatory exhibition elements about sexual and gender diversity

Students in this practice project focusing on communication analyzed interactive and participatory elements of the exhibition “All included!” at Jugendmuseum Schöneberg (The Museum of Youth) about sexual and gender diversity. Students focused on two main objectives: How does the audience respond to the exhibition elements, and how could those elements be improved to activate visitors to expand their line of thinking towards multidimensional sexual identities and beyond the gender binary?

Prof. Dr. Tobias Nettke

2014/2015 | Concept for an interactive photography exhibition

Fascinating colors and controversial content mark Henry Fair´s photographs of environmental destruction. The exhibition was shown at The Museum of Natural History Berlin as well as in another museum simultaneously. The students developed a basic concept that focused mainly on interaction. Besides that, the students worked in five subdivisions on the topics of application, crowdfunding, media concept, accompanying program and project management. The concept evolved in collaboration with the mentors at the museum. The results will influence the further course of the project.

Prof. Dr. Tobias Nettke

2012/2013 | Special exhibition at The Museum of Islamic Art, Berlin

In a project that spanned two semesters, students developed a concept for a special exhibition on oriental carpets at The Museum of Islamic Art at Pergamonmuseum. The students considered carpets of the collections Hamid Sadighi and Thyssen-Bornemisza, which included delicate pieces from the 15. and 16. century. The Museum of Islamic Art Berlin is recognized worldwide for its one of a kind carpet collection.

Prof. Dr. Tobias Nettke