Professions and career options

Fields of application in the dynamic cultural sector

To be honest, that one position that your MA in Museum Management and Communications prepares you for does not exist. Instead, however, it allows you in combination with your BA degree to operate in a wide range of positions in countless different professional environments. It equips you with the necessary tools to establish yourself in the dynamic cultural sector. This includes the more strategic realm of management as well as creative areas such as marketing and communications.

Diverse employment options

You can apply your acquired skills not only in museums but also in other curatorial departments and cultural mediating institutions.

These include for example:

- Gardens and palace administration

- Art galleries

- Archives

- Libraries

- Memorial Sites

and many more.

As we base our understanding of cultural mediation and museum management on the Anglo-American model, there are various opportunities for employment worldwide.

Opportunities beyond the museum

This M.A. program fosters and broadens your management and communication skills. In this, we place emphasis on relatedness to actual working practices. The hereby acquired skills, such as operating within a diverse range of interest groups, mediating strategies and presenting new concepts are also heavily demanded after in many other professional environments. This extends the range of potential employers beyond the museum sector to diverse institutions of the public and private sector that are mediating and supplying cultural, artistic and historic content in various ways to diverse audiences.