Applications / FAQ

Which formal requirements do I need to meet to apply?

The minimum requirement for enrollment is 180 ECTS. If your BA is in another field of study than Museum Studies, you will have to prove and demonstrate strong ties to museum or cultural work outside of your studies and on your CV for example from internships or work experience (of a minimum of three months).

As the majority of courses are held in German, you will also need to evidence your German language proficiency. To apply successfully please submit with your application a proof of language GER C1 level.

How do I apply?

The initial application process is exclusively online. Subsequently, you will be asked to send in the required documents in paper form. Read more about the detailed application process here.

What is the application deadline for this program?

First time enrollment is only possible in winter semesters. The deadline for your incoming application is June 15.

Consulting opportunities

Not sure yet if our MA is right for you? Would you like to get a closer look?

Once a year we offer an Open Day on which you can get to know our Museum Studies undergraduate and MA programmes. You can get to know the campus and the Tutors and ask your questions.

For further information contact Prof. Dr. Susan Kamel at

Which undergraduate studies are respective to an application for the M.A. program?

As our M.A. program is based in a consecutive concept, any undergraduate studies in the field of Museum Studies are deemed respective.

Can I apply even though my undergraduate degree is not focused on Museum Studies?

We highly value this! The diverse academic backgrounds of our students invigorate the M.A. course by bringing together many different perspectives as well as different kinds of expert knowledge and work practice. Those diverse experiences are beneficial to everybody involved. If you provide the required amount of 180 ECTS, you are welcome to apply with any undergraduate background, as long as its ties to the cultural or museum sector are evident. If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact us anytime.

I have an undergraduate degree in Museum Studies (or similar). Is this M.A. program useful to me?

If you would like to work in a management position as well as have responsibility for staff and projects alike, it will require a master´s degree. Your undergraduate studies have given you an insight in how cultural institutions work, a master´s program will teach you about the management and communication skills that are needed to successfully manage a cultural project or institution. Besides deepening knowledge of the conveying of content and audience development, you will gain insight in business administration as well as project and personnel management, which is vital for working in leading positions.

Will I have to take gap courses?

As each undergraduate programme puts an emphasis on different focus areas, it is necessary to bring everybody together via gap courses first. This ensures the high quality of delivery on our MA programme because from day one everybody is roughly on the same level and nothing needs to be repeated.

Can I decide myself where to put an emphasis in my studies?

Our MA programme is built around management as well as communication as we believe that our students will need skills and knowledge from both areas equally to drive their future professional careers. Nevertheless, you are free to set your studies a little heavier on the one area you prefer. See the Structure of Study for a summary of the different possibilities.